I had the pleasure of working in a game jam with 5 other talented people to create a game called "Waves of Anger". I was tasked with rigging a model given to me by one of the other artists and animating. we had 2 characters, one is the player, who will move about, fix things and I also created an idol animation for him. The other character in a bear who is the players boss, he was to slam open a door, idol while checking if the player had tied everything down and be angry when they hadn't. Sadly the bear didn't get in to the game due to time constraints and the player animations aren't activated when a button is pressed, it just looped though all of them.

I quite enjoyed working on the game, it was nice being able to talk to people when they were working on the same thing and being able to give input and also get input from the others on what I was working on. I had a lot of fun tho!! :)


Last semester I tryed to learn how to rig a model to help me be more confident in what I was doing and to hopefully help myself understand proper rigs better. I started off with the more blocky one on the top and when attempting to animate it, I found I had limited myself with the model. So I decided to try again adding more pollygons and making the body a bit bigger. This did work a lot better although looking back, I should have learnt to use IK on the joints to make it easier to pose and move, I definetly feel like doing this helped me feel more confortable now that I am working on animations with more thought out rigs.


Decided it would be good to show a creature animation in my portfolio and I wanted to push myself to trying out a leopard. I am quite enjoying working on this, it is difficult wrapping my head around all the different parts that need to move to give full character but I think I'm getting there.


 A friend was talking about making a farming simulator like Stardew Vally or Harvast moon. So I decided to try to see how you would show a vegetable growing. I feel like this moves too much and the size changes a lot.


 I was traveling back from Glasgow and I saw this scene and I wanted to draw it so I did.

It didn't quite work cause the colours arn't quite dark enough and the only dark pen I had was black so I couldn't shade anything which is why I tried to use the blue. I think it looks nice and might try it again digitally.


I went to tiger with a friend and found these cute little plain books no bigger than your phone for £3 and thought it would be handy to write little notes in it or draw things.

I found some things to stick on it so I wouldn't take it too seriously and only put "important" things in it. I like the googly eyes!! 


I was a bit lost on what to start off thinking for what I could do for 4th year so I made a mindmap to try and pull together my head so things made sense. And this is it here:

 It's very basic just to get myself started on what I wanted to make and improve on and things I like.


I decided, to get myself into a bit of reading to maybe inspire some ideas by reading a chapter out of the Illusion of life book. I read about Fred Moore who worked on many Disney animations. It talks about his ability to pick up skills really quickly and to change from using rubber hose animation.

He liked to show the characters think, having them go from a frown to and eye roll and the face moving. From what I gather, he seemed to progress Mickey Mouse to use squash and stretch, it talks about how his animations looks like they had more life in them and felt/looked better and seemed more real because of his ability. He always thought of what was a nice, pleasing drawing.

The new things he would think of would be based on what he thought looked right not the analysis of it. He would only pick a view that would look pleasing to him, so when one time he was asked how Mickey would look if you were looking at the top of his head he replied "why would you?" If you had designed a charact...


I started 4th year and I don't know what I'.m doing

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