GGJ - Waves Of Anger

I participated in the global game jam in January 2017. We created a game called waves of anger where the player has to tie items down in a shop before a wave comes so they wont be washed away, the boss will visit the store after a wave to ask if you tied down a perticular item, if you did you get to work another day, if you didn't you get fired.

I rigged and animated both characters after being given the models by another team member. This was the first time I had rigged a character to be used for a game and a non-humanoid character. I found this quite chalenging as I had to learn to rig again to keep myself right and I realised later that the corners that I cut ended up making animating the characters more difficult and I had to compromise on their actions becasue of this.

I really enjoyed being part of a team all working towards the same goal. It was fun being able to play the game that we created at the end and seeing other teams get the chance to try it out. 

You can find the game at