Honors Project - Exaggeration in Game Animation

The aim was to look at the the role of exaggerated movement in game animation, how this can impact the appeal of a character to an audience, and in particular how this affects their perception of the character.


To do this, two sets of animations were created using the same actions of a run, jump, attack cyclic animation and a death animation. One set being non-exaggerated and the other exaggerated. Research was conducted to inform the creations of these animations, looking into the Uncanny Valley, animation principles and looking at what other games do in their character animations.


These animations were created after some media tests were done. I first tried to use a free rig from a game already made that was provided by one of the creators. Although I had trouble putting exaggeration into the actions as they looked stiff and the rig would break when I tried. I was recommended the Body Mech Mega Pack by a friend which is what was used in the end. I really enjoyed the process after changing as I felt like I had more freedom with the model and its potential for fun actions.


I hope you enjoy my animations!